In the past, having a website was considered a luxury or a bonus for your business, but now businesses with no online presence struggle to make sales or get noticed. Leading companies already have established websites to draw in more traffic and potential customers, because, with the advancements made on the internet with search engines, it is straightforward to find products and services.

But before diving in the discussion about the nitty gritty bits on how we do website design for our clients, we have a section about the five things you need to know before you get started with hiring a website developer.


1. Initial considerations

The first thing that you need to put into consideration is if you need a web team, if you do not already have one then you need to create or hire a team. A web team is simply two or more individuals that are responsible for the website and making decisions about running the site and also maintaining the site.


It’s helpful to get a few differing opinions when you’re making decisions about setting-up how the website should look, and what are its purposes and capabilities should be. So that’s the main reason why you want to have a web team.


The second reason you want to have a web team is that it allows you to spread out the work among many different people. These allow for a smooth workflow when everybody assigned to each of their duties.


Thirdly, it gives you a backup plan, so if a member of the web team is out of town, or sick, or leaves the organization; then you have a backup of different people that can maintain the website.

And finally, when establishing a web team, make sure that the web team has the authority to make decisions on the website without having to go to someone else and check with them.

2. Define the purpose of your website

Define the purpose of your website. Is the site going to be used for internal purposes within your organization, or for external purposes and try to reach people outside the organization? Or could it be for both inner and outer goals? Most organizations’ websites used for both purposes.

You also need to define what exactly the purpose of that website is: is it going to be for buying, requesting information, receiving calls, or have people come and visit your organization. So, it’s important to define the purpose of the website before you hire a team of website developers.

3. Your website is a form of marketing

Your website is a form of marketing. Therefore it’s an investment, not an expense.
Your website can continually generate more conversions in the form of:

  • Revenue from purchases/orders made on your website
  • Attract visitors to your site and your physical business center
  • Phone calls and inquiries about your products and services

If the value of those calls, purchases or visits is greater than what you are spending on a website, then it is a sound investment.

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