Social Media Marketing Services

Silver Edge Media’s technical expertise in Social Media Marketing services for business in a variety of industries is highly adequate to help you improve your business website. We are trained to deliver specialized Social Media Marketing services for all kinds of business sectors in various industries. We offer an array of various demands and end-goals for your convenience. Our team of social media experts understands that establishing a cost-effective social media presence requires more than just setting up profiles on every social network.

Social media marketing requires precise planning, regular maintenance, ensuring that you are attracting the right people. Social networking sites have the strong ability to create brand awareness, establishing visibility and authority in the industry. This is achieved by the optimization strategies implemented by Silver Edge Media’s team of social media managers.

About Social Media Marketing

Legit social media marketing is all about business strategy. It’s about finding ingenious ways to influence the power of the mass of social media users to disseminate brand awareness and visibility. This will widen market shares, feeding long-term relationships with clients. Silver Edge Media will develop a social media marketing plan that puts social media to work for your business.

Most importantly, we will implement social media campaigns which offer your business real gross return on investment (ROI). It’s time to make use of proven social tactics which can produce tangible results. We can design a profitable brand promotion strategy for you, while tracking every step of the implementation of the promotion. We provide our clients with extensive statistical data on audience engagement, sharing, and conversions.

You might have tried to do this on your own and failed to produce a successful social media marketing campaign. You can trust the expertise and experience of Silver Edge Media to produce great results for your business. We can turn your followers into loyal customers with social media marketing. We can do this by regularly publishing relevant content that your customers will find interesting, informational and entertaining. By pushing out valuable content on a regular basis, we make sure that your customers stay loyal to your brand.

Nowadays, social signals from social networking sites such as Twitter retweets, Facebook likes & shares, Instagram followers, and positive comments & reviews can boost the rankings of related web pages. As a result, today’s SEO campaigns assimilate search engine optimization efforts and social media marketing, with the aim of increasing your customer base through customer engagement. This will create a prominent online presence that enhances the performance of your website.

How We Do It

If you’re curious about how our team of social media experts get the job done, This section is dedicated to that discussion. This information can be a good base for people who want to become freelance social media experts. This section of the blog contains the daily, weekly and monthly tasks that a social media manager must do.

1. Daily


Reply to messages from social media users

Social networking sites are arguably the most prominent media for customer engagement. People just don’t want to pick up the phone nowadays and wait long to talk to customer service. It’s is crucial to interact with clients who actively communicate with the brand you represent. Nowadays, ignoring customer comments on your social profile is tantamount to ignoring a ringing phone when the customers want to get help.

As a social media manager, you should post daily on the following social sites:

  • Twitter – up to 6 times considering there are about 500 million tweets every day
  • Facebook – 1 to 2 times
  • Google plus – 2 to 3 times, consider the snippets
  • Instagram – 1 to 3 high-quality instagrammable pictures. 
  • LinkedIn – 1 to 2 times for business to business companies.


Monitor brand mentions

When social media users are conferring about your business brand on social media, they usually won’t tag you in the thread or post. This would mean that you have to look for these conversations on your brand. This is a dangerous situation. If you go find these conversations, it would be wise to acknowledge the positive feedback. Do damage control with any negative comments that you might find. Using a social media monitoring tool, we will look for conversations about your brand that you may not easily see.


Initiate talks with brand campaigners

The majority of successful businesses have many straightforward patrons that they want to heavily depend on, Brand campaigns give some positive accounts about the great experiences they have had with your brand’s products or services. These same people provide you with unsolicited advertising and brand patronage. Think about those folks who continually share and promote your content, reaching out to them to establish your relationship.


Discover & interact with people who have the potential to become customers

You can even go to Facebook hobby groups with the same interest in connection with your brand. It’s so easy to find different posts which contain keywords indicating someone is looking for a particular product. This is similar to what your brand is offering, which is done with the use of some social media monitoring tools.

Here are standard free Social Media monitoring tools that social media managers use:

  • Hootsuite
  • TweetReach
  • Klout
  • Social Mention
  • Twazzup
  • Addictomatic
  • HowSociable
  • IceRocket
  • TweetDeck
  • Mention
  • Twitonomy
  • Followerwonk
  • SumAll
  • Simply Measured
  • Google Alerts

Study the global trends in the social media business

Social media is the industry that’s susceptible to a lot of change very quickly. If you neglect being updated with the latest trends, you will get left behind the competition. We will keep an eye for the latest networks to utilize or techniques to exploit.


Fill your editorial calendar

Content marketing on social networks never stops which means you should always be on your toes. When you take a break from putting out your content, your competitors are already getting the upper hand. One of the most important tasks as a social media manager is to schedule your social media content calendar in advance so that you can create your content in advance.  If you’re on a team, workflow will be more organized.


Study your product services

This is a no-brainer advice for those of you who want to be social media managers. How can you adequately represent your client’s brand if you don’t know anything about what they sell? The majority of frequent inquiries that social media managers are dealing with is with regards to the services or products offered by their brands. It is possible to allocate the task of answering social media inquiries to a credible salesperson. You can inquire someone who is fitting to respond, but it’s much easier to have the social media manager answer it immediately. It would be cost-effective to train social media managers to be customer service representatives, rather than hire customer service personnel.


Observe your competitors

It’s essential to monitor the competition, but you should never copy how you want to represent your brand on social media. Examining your competitor’s posts can give you an idea of what they’re doing right that’s working, and what’s not working. This will give you an idea of the types of content that will make sense to your target audience.


Write a blog post

The majority of social media experts speak on social media, embodying their brands, making it hard to publish their own names. Ask if your company allows you to compose your own blogs. This will help you improve your skills as a content creator. This will give you something tangible to take advantage of. Plus, you have a ton of great knowledge that other people can benefit from.

2. Weekly


Talk to social media influencers

Each industry has influencers that people subscribe for the most recent information, tools and new industry advancements. Establish a working partnership with these influencers so that they check your products and possibly give their reviews. They may also recommend you to acquire their larger groups. If your business niche does not have any influencers, consider being that person.


Converse with your marketing affiliates

Internet marketing is fast evolving to be a team effort. What this means is a lot of companies associate with other affiliate businesses to exchange guest post articles and webinars on their websites. Their goal is to position themselves in a good spot for their customer base. Find out who your affiliates are. Interact with them on social media to bolster that partnership.


Strategize with your marketing team

If you’re currently working on a large budget, you may assign more than just one person looking after the client’s’ social media profiles. There are a lot of programs out there. To easily partner your social media projects as a team, take some time to make plans for your future efforts. Use team messaging tools such as Slack if you are not in one office together.


Utilize analytics tools for your social media profiles

Utilize a tool like Sprout Social to look inside your own social media analytics and find out which of your content appeals to your audience. Determine which one drives the best results. You can use that data to persuade your future social media marketing strategies.


Tell your co-workers to share your content

The most accessible brand ambassadors that you naturally possess on social media are your colleagues. Ask them nicely to share your content on their profiles so you can take advantage of their word-of-mouth marketing.

3. Monthly


Check and update your tactics when you need to

This will take a lot of time, but it’s necessary. The best time to administer large-scale social media inspections is once a month. It involves keeping tabs on your social media analytics, making all the necessary adjustments. You should focus more on examining your data. Figure out exactly how your marketing concerns help with your overall goals.


Show up at local events

Working in social media management requires a sociable demeanor. There are opportunities in the form of social events out there, meeting up with some of your colleagues. Use this opportunity to learn their tips and tricks.


Disconnect from social media

Social media is always alive. It can potentially get a bit mind-numbing to have to move with it everyday. It’s a good practice to take time to relax once a month, which entails spending days away from social media. Catching a much needed social media break will mean the discrepancy in between being a burnt-out, unproductive employee or highly productive asset to the organization. This sums up how our team of social media managers work here at Silver Edge Media Services. Should you ever need our help in managing your social media profiles, just head over to our contact us page. Set up a meeting with our staff to start discussing your social media marketing campaign.


Does my Business need Social Media Marketing?

Nowadays, EVERY business can benefit from social media marketing. It gives them the benefit of promoting their business, along with getting found by your target customers. You can get the benefit of both worlds by optimizing your social media campaign. For that reason, it’s safe to say that whatever your business is, you can definitely benefit from having a solid social media marketing campaign. Additionally, our expertise in social media marketing lies in our exceptional ability to understand what your business is, locate and establish a healthy following of target customers, and finally drive leads and sales for your business. 

How Many Followers will I end up?

Our social media marketing services also features a consistent effort in gaining hundreds of followers organically for our clients. With the right budget, we are able to boost your social media marketing campaign and help it gain hundreds to thousands of followers on a given time period.

Will you send me Reports and Updates?

No doubt about it! Once you acquire our social media marketing services, you will get daily updates on the progress of your campaign. We will notify you with everything, along with giving you untimely updates depending on the matter. Knowing the progress of each project is very important, as it will give you the capacity to make tweaks and decision of your own. Rest assured that despite us being the ones who will run your social media campaign, you will still have full control over what needs to be done. We will make decisions of our own of course, but it will be for the betterment of the project as a whole.  

Will your Company be able to generate Leads for my Business?

We absolutely can. We are experts in different social media marketing strategies. This level of expertise will allow us to not only locate your target audience but also drive them towards your main website consistently. Lead generation is our main priority. You can rest assured that your leads will be secured once you avail our social media marketing services.

What Social Media Platform are you prioritizing?

All of them — We prioritize on EVERY social media platform. That’s according to what platform you want your business to get boosted on, of course. But if you want to get noticed on every social media site, we can absolutely help you with that. We have an array of strategies that we incorporate on every social media platform. You can rest assured that your business will make an impact on each site without much issues. 

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