Take Control of your Local Citations & Watch Your Local Rankings Skyrocket

Do you own a business? Does it have a physical location? Influence your area, increase your overall local visibility, and generate more in clients with our holistic Citation building services. We have a team of professional citation builders who can deliver the best citation services for you, handling the creation and updating your SEO citation, boosting your overall local influence in online business directories.

The Benefits of Our Local Citations Service

Improved Local Citation Rankings

Citations are crucial elements in local search rankings. SEO experts agree that citations are responsible for 25% of all local ranking factors. We can help you rise to the very top of local searches with our fantastic citation services.

Zero Duplicate Listings

We exercise NAP (name, address, phone number) consistency, monitoring duplicate entries, and are carefully protecting the quality of your citation profile.

Providing The Right Citations Just for Your

Our citation experts are experienced workers in the field of citation building. With that, they are already knowledgeable about the citations that are good or bad for your business.

Our Local Citation services cover the following:

  • Standard citation cleanup
  • Construct new, accurate local citations
  • Allocate data through Local Data Aggregators
  • Make Google My Business
  • Getting rid of duplicate citations

Any Citation For Any Business

We have several citation opportunities for every type of business, ensuring that we will get the job done no matter what business you have.

Ensure Information Quality

The legitimacy of your citation is necessary, which is why we regularly check your information to make sure that it is accurate at all times.

Immediate Turnaround

We have an ordered process and a dedicated citation building team that will get the job done. We ensure that your report will be ready in two weeks or less.

With our local citation services:

  • You select the sites
  • We will do the citation work for your convenience

All you need to do is choose the sites, and we’ll provide an accurate and comprehensive set of local citations.

We submit to important online business directories, including:

Google My Business

Bing Local




Apple Maps

Yellow Pages

Trip Advisor

We Claim and Verify Local Citations to ensure Lifetime Ownership

Owning your local citation means you will have full control over the information that is displayed. You will have full autonomy in updating, as well as blocking third-parties from conveying false information.


How We Build Your Citations


1. Review the Provided NAP information

We are always making sure if the information given to us is accurate, complete, and legitimate. If so happens that we encounter problems and inconsistencies with the info you provided and what is online, we will contact you right away to sort the inaccuracies. We believe that a complete and authentic listing will improve your overall local rankings, which is why we gather as much information as possible.


2. Check for any duplicate Citation

Our services cover the assurance of no duplicate listings. Before building your citation, we first determine if you have any existing citations using the Local Citation Finder. We then check each site to ensure that we avoid creating duplicate listings. We will also be looking for any NAP inconsistencies along the way.


3. Establish Local Citations List

After gathering a list of any existing citation, we will make a new list of citation opportunities using our wide-ranged database of business listing sites. We will always begin with the highest and most prominent sources and through the bottom of the list. If you already own an existing list in high priority source, we will check if it is updated with your latest information. If you are not, we will update it for your convenience.


4. Start Building Citations

After we have finished doing the necessary preparatory stages, it is now time to build your citation. We will list your business on the citation sources, making sure that we include as much information as we could. The more complete your citations are, the higher your local ranking will be.


5. Send Status Reports

We will be giving updates before, during, and after the citation task. Once we have finished the job, we will then send you a detailed report on our progress with your citation, along with a list of URLs to all of the listings that we managed to create. We will also send the status of each listing, whether they are approved, pending, or has already existed. We will provide your username and password for the sites, along with follow-up comments and suggestions for future application. Once the work has been completed, we will send you your report within three days.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How long will the citation process take?

We will always guarantee that we will get the job done as soon as possible. Most of the time, we do not give a definite timeframe as citation building is a tedious process that is also continuous even upon completion as we are constantly updating your listings from time to time. Of course, we try our best to complete the job as soon as possible, but again it will depend on the process that we will go through on your citation.

There will be instances of delays and holdups, but we will ensure that the reason for the delay will be reasonable. Once submitted, your listing will go live either instantly, or within 2-3 days. Citations that are not live will be marked as “Under Review.”

How will your firm know if my site is already listed on any of these directories?

We are constantly monitoring them using relevant local SEO tools. These tools include Whitespark, Yext, BrightLocal, and Moz. However, these tool doesn’t’ always return comprehensive and accurate information, which is why we also double check everything manually from time to time.

Will you update my existing business listings?

Yes, we will. We make sure that there will be no duplicates whatsoever that will coexist, which is why we are always researching and locating for any existing listing on each and every local business directory. If we discover an existing list, and it happens to possess outdated or incomplete information, we will update and fix it for you. This is part of our local citation building services protocol.

What happens if my business is already listed on some websites?

Again, we conduct a detailed research before starting every citation project. This is to ensure that there will be no duplicate listings included. Once we determine the existence of these listings we will check if they are up-to-date, and will update them when necessary.

Will I see an increase in local search rankings when my citation is already live?

It will depend. Keep in mind that citation building is just one aspect of the many methods of local SEO. It will also depend on your other SEO assets. If you are truly focused on improving your local search rankings and the number of traffic that it attracts, we are also offering other local SEO services that you can also acquire.

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