Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Running a website today is an expensive investment, it’s no longer a luxury but a necessity to keep up with the competition. An excellent way to secure that return on investment from your website is by making sure that your customers can reach your website. You can do this yourself or hire SEO specialists to do search engine optimization for you.

Being found on the 1st page of the search results for your industry has indeed become an integral part of any business making it easier for your customers to find you when they are looking for products or services that you are offering. It ensures you get your return on investment in putting up a website because, through SEO, your website will get more traffic and more conversions.

Search Engines are made to help people find what they are exactly looking for on the internet. SEO is a process that ensures your website easily found through search engines by building links to your site and using strategic keywords that people are searching. Search engines result influenced by the number and quality of links pointing to a site; the more links there are to your site, the higher it ranks and the more visible it is to your customers. For businesses that want an online presence, building links to your website is crucial to its success. A strong SEO strategy can help bring direct traffic to your site as well as enhance your search engine rankings.

Search Engine Optimization is the backbone of a truly successful internet marketing campaign. Reliable white hat SEO techniques and strategies are the foundation of Silver Edge Media’s SEO services. We offer services aimed at improving our client’s business by making sure that the websites these companies represent and their social media profiles are highly visible on the internet.

One way of making sure that your site is getting to the top of the search engine results page is by regularly publishing good-quality, informative or entertaining content for your website so that visitors would continually come back to read your content. Another way would improve online visibility is through social media management which involves engaging your customer base through a social media platform and by also regularly publishing content. These are all part of search engine optimization, and our staff here at Silver Edge Media are well versed in doing these tasks.

It’s not always enough to regularly publish high-quality content and just hope that Google web crawlers would luckily stumble upon your website: your team of SEO specialists must continually monitor and update your site and its content to keep up the pace with today’s ever changing technology and market. With a team of SEO marketing specialists like Silver Edge Media, we can develop an SEO strategy that meets the needs of your business, based on considerations such as target audience/ customer base, industry sector, company size, and your business goals. If you’re wondering how Silver Edge Media Services does SEO, then the discussion below completely covers our SEO method and practices.

Silver Edge Media’s Step-By-Step SEO Methodology Includes:

Conducting a Web Site Audit

The primary step in Silver Edge Media’s white-hat SEO method is to do a comprehensive review of your current website and any social networking site profiles, and to look for common errors in website development that could be a hindrance to the most used search engines like Google from properly indexing, crawling, and ranking your site. If your business doesn’t have a website and social media profiles, then our team of web-developers and social media managers can set up and optimize a website and social media profiles for you.

These common errors made in the development of your website could be due to factors such as:

  • not using the proper domain name
  • using the inappropriate HTML tags
  • having an antiquated sitemap
  • having a lot of duplicate/plagiarized content/blog articles
  • website connection problems.

In the audit, the SEO should prioritize improvements in a structure like:

  • The issue
  • The suggested improvement
  • An estimate of the overall investment – in other words: the time energy or money it would take for your developers to implement the development and for Google search as well as customers and searches to recognize these improvements. The SEO will need to talk with your developers to better understand the technical constraints that may exist.
  • Estimated positive business impact – the impact may be a ranking improvement that will lead to more visitors and conversions or perhaps the positive impact comes from a back-end change that cleans up your site and helps your brand be agile in the future.
  • Plan how to iterate and improve on the implementation or how to experiment and fail fast should results not meet expectations.

That covers the structure of the technical and search audit. Now let’s talk about each of these checks individually, in the professional audit your SEO should be able to review your site for issues related to:

  • Internal linking
  • Crawlability
  • URL parameters
  • Server Connectivity
  • Response codes

If they mention that your site has duplicate content problems that need to be corrected, make sure they show you the specific URLs that are competing for the same query or that they explained it should be cleaned up for long term site health and not initial growth. I mention this because lots of duplicate content exists on websites and often it’s not a pressing problem.

In this search audit, your potential SEO will likely break down your search queries into categories:

  • Branded – example: [gmail]
  • Unbranded – example: [email]

Like branded and unbranded terms, branded terms are those with your business or website’s name like a search for Gmail is branded term while a search for email is an unbranded or general keyword. An SEO make sure that for branded queries such as Gmail, your website is providing a great experience that allows customers who don’t know your name or website to quickly find exactly what they need and potentially convert they might recommend improvements that help the entire searcher experience from what the searcher sees in search results to when they click on a result and use your website. For unbranded queries an SEO can help you better make sense of the competitive online landscape, they can tell you things like there are types of questions it would make sense for your business to rank but here’s what your competition has done and why I think they rank where they do, for instance perhaps your competition has great reviews, really shareable content or run a highly reputable site, an SEO will provide recommendations for how to improve rankings for these queries and the entire searcher experience they’ll introduce ideas like:

Unbranded/general keyword improvement ideas:

  • Update old content – they might say your site is suffering because some of your well-ranking content is obsolete and has poor navigation, a useless page title, or isn’t mobile friendly. Let’s improve these pages and see if more website visitors convert and purchase or if they can micro convert meaning that perhaps they can subscribe and share content.
  • Improve internal linking – your SEO might say your site is suffering because some of your best articles are too far from the homepage and users would have a hard time finding it we can better internally link to your content to feature it more prominently.
  • Generate buzz – SEO might say you have great content, but not enough people know can try to get more user interaction and create buzz perhaps through social media or business relationships this will help us attract more potential customers and garner natural links to your site.
  • Learn from the competition – your SEO explain here’s what your competitors do well, can you reach parity with this and potentially surpass them in utilities or can you better show customers your business’ unique value. Again a good SEO will try to prioritize what ideas can bring your business the most improvement for the least investment and what improvements may take more time but help growth in the long term.

Developing an SEO strategy

The very best SEO strategy for any business entity is one that tailored to the specific needs and goals of that business, but our team also has to take into account things like the competitive landscape and the company’s resources that are already available. Our team will evaluate your current website and your digital assets, which are things like videos, images, and social media profiles. Once we have analyzed these elements, we will create a tailored campaign designed to augment your conversion rates, fill gaps in your online presence, and give you the competitive edge you need to rise to the top.

Optimizing Pages

Applying the plans and strategies discussed above, our team will do a thorough inspection of your site to correct typical errors, optimize each page with keywords, relevant content, and high-quality backlinks, create consistency with your social media pages, citations in local directories, and implement the customized SEO strategy that’s been designed specifically for your business.

Building/Developing High-Quality Backlinks

Link building strategies for SEO is not the same as it used to be, and it takes an experienced and cutting edge firm like Silver Edge Media to know what kind of linking practices will boost your efforts and what will burden your site. We perform all link building manually and use best practices with anchor text creation to ensure you have only relevant, high-quality, and trusted links that add value to your business, boost your online presence, and keep your site in good reputation with the popular search engines.

Optimizing Social Media Profiles

Nowadays, social signals from social networking sites such as Twitter retweets, Facebook likes and shares, Instagram followers, and positive comments and reviews can boost the rankings of related web pages. As a result, today’s SEO campaigns assimilate search engine optimization efforts and social media marketing, with the aim of increasing your customer base through customer engagement and creating a prominent online presence that enhances the performance of your website and your social media outreach.

Evaluation & Reporting

A productive and results-oriented SEO campaign is a never-ending effort because the digital world is always dynamically changing. It is why once we’ve developed and employed your strategy, we will continue to regularly monitor and evaluate your campaign, conversion rates, and competition. Not only will this provide convincing proof of the progress that the campaign has already made, but it will also allow our team to continue fine-tuning your SEO strategy for bigger and better results.

By correcting these errors and employing our optimization strategies, we will help you enhance your SERP visibility and presence on the internet, drive more visitors to your site, augment your conversion rates, give you an advantage over the competition, and help you reach your targeted customers.

With your excellent products and services and our expert knowledge and experience in the world of digital marketing, you’ll soon acquire all the benefits of a successful SEO campaign, including better and higher rankings, a greater quantity of traffic, better visibility and more conversions leading to more revenue.

In conclusion, you can benefit from availing our SEO services by:

  • Building long term residual value in your website
  • Getting a results-driven strategy
  • Turning quality leads into sales
  • Improving Google SERP rank & traffic
  • Gaining a competitive advantage
  • Targeting organic traffic


Here are some of the SEO practices we do:

  • Enable robots.txt, pings, and XML sitemaps since WordPress do not do any of these out of the box. These practices are made by Google bots properly crawl and index your site.
  • Optimize theme, to ensure that page elements are correctly placed, and the entire site organized hierarchically.
  • Optimize your content through the use of keywords, and checking proper keyword density.
  • Do off-site optimization (link building, site promotions, pay-per-click).


Thrive through SEO with Silver Edge Media Services

Are you an Entrepreneur who foresees your business and brand growth through the use of SEO? You don’t have to do all this by yourself. We have the most comprehensive services that would help you gain an advantage over your competition. Silver Edge Media will help you achieve success by doing all the necessary actions needed. We will handle all the nitty gritty bits of SEO for you, while you focus on growing your business. Rest assured that we will be able to establish a name for you and your company online without any worries, along with all credits going to you.

You can have us take a look at your website by scheduling a free consultation with us. You can email us at and we will accommodate your inquiries about our services.

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