Paid Search Marketing

Paid Search Marketing

Are you in need of a robust PPC marketing campaign? Silver Edge media has the right people with the the right skill set to tackle any PPC management needs. We offer the best group of professionals who will get the job done. We understand just how important your PPC management investment is. Good results matter; this why we focus on providing the best available strategies for your Google marketing campaign.

We work diligently and efficiently to produce the best results that your company needs. Our search engine marketing services can help any business achieve its goals while working in perfect unison with a wide array of digital marketing services that we also provide. As one of the industry’s hardest working agencies, we are highly knowledgeable with all the tricks of the trade. We work with cutting edge technology and tools on a daily basis. We can help you accomplish more with our optimized search engine marketing campaigns.

We Provide the Best Results

When you go for PPC marketing, you will be bidding for relevant keywords to your business. With these campaigns, you have the ability to expose your ads to a wider audience. Whenever someone clicks on your ad, you will pay a fee as compensation for that conversion. If your PPC campaign is set up the right way, this becomes a profitable way of reaching out to your potential customers.

Running a successful campaign takes a lot of time, effort, and attention. Here at Silver Edge Media, we treat your money like it’s our own. Efficient analysis and optimization are what we strive for; we work hard to get the results you need. If improving your bottom line is what you want then we are the company that you need.

Why Choose our Services?

PPC Management

Silver Edge Media continues to do what it takes to be the very best at PPC management. We have all the tools you need to focus on PPC management.

What We Aim For

Our number one goal at Silver Edge Media is to make sure our clients are happy. We can do this by making sure our customers always see a return on their investment. PPC, Google advertising, and AdWords management are just among our specialties.

We Focus on ROI

For a PPC advertising to be successful, it must show a healthy return on investment (ROI). It doesn’t matter if it’s Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook, or re-marketing the objective is the same, to increase your business. Our job is to analyze, boost, and deliver ROI.


Paid search marketing doesn’t work on its own. It takes careful strategy to put together the perfect advertising campaign. You also need full understanding of how the industry works to bring in serious ROI. We work hard to master the necessary skills to make any pay per click advertising campaign a success.

Here are three steps on how we implement an ideal PPC strategy:

  • Execute an assessment of the entire situation of your business. The results of the initial evaluation will then tell what your competitors are doing and what your goals need to be for a successful PPC campaign.
  • Write a detailed policy. We will base this on previous assessments that you did. We will then write a set of policies that will serve as a guide in identifying how your PPC campaign will be utilized. Our policies will help reach your objectives and solve any problem.
  • Construct a game plan and execute it. This will feature a set of doable steps that will directly support the policy we’ve created for your site.

How we Conduct & Execute the Assessment


Set up a business meeting

Our SEO experts will schedule a meeting with your clients. This will enable us to know everything about your business and the industry it’s competing. We will ask if your business is growing and in which specific aspects that it is struggling.

Execute a thorough audit analysis

Audits are very time-consuming and tedious, however, they are still necessary for your PPC campaign. We will use our made audit to understand what drives performance to check whether work has been done. The account in line with the business goals will also be checked. Our experts will uncover the site’s competence, shortcomings, and future opportunities. This will provide crucial information. We will need to formulate guiding principles for your PPC campaign management.


Conduct comprehensive researches about your industry

We will use this information to make the necessary actions. From the information gathered, we will then determine if your PPC goals are achievable.


Do a competitive analysis

There will be times when a stakeholder will fail to identify the competition correctly. When this happens, we will conduct a competitive analysis to help us determine who the actual competition is and what they are doing right. This would comprise of keyword targeting, bidding, and creative messaging. This competitive analysis will help us determine how aggressive your site needs to be to successfully compete in the market.

Creating a Campaign Management Policy

When the assessment is done, and we now have a reliable picture of the situation. It is now the right moment to compose a policy for managing your PPC account. PPC campaign management is a monotonous process. Our PPC specialists are well-trained to execute the standard practices over and over again. Their management would help in improving and enhancing results along the way. Working on the very conventional tasks such as keyword expansion, negative matching, and more are going to be covered. 

Our PPC Policy

  • A PPC Policy should look like this:
    • Use PPC to drive growth
    • Paid search to drive profit
    • Paid search to lead conversions through various channels

The policy must be made known to every stakeholder to comply to. Now that the rules are in place, our SEO specialists will now create and execute a game plan that is synchronized with the policy.

Developing the game plan

After every analysis and research has been done, we will now develop the most appropriate game plan for your PPC campaign. This specific game plan for your PPC campaign will be highly detailed, based on your stakeholder’s situation and the particular policy that we will advise you to pursue. The tactics that we will utilize will now stem straight from the game plan. For example, marketing expansions strategies might be to establish Twitter and Facebook campaigns to expand on your Optimization efforts. The tactics for remarketing might set up a Remarketing list for search ads (RLSA) drive or implement Google Analytics remarketing.

Your Gameplan will be modelled on a principle based on our overall judgment over the situation. This game plan will ensure that work will only be done on items/tasks that will positively affect performance and assist in overcoming the biggest challenges in the market.


Overall, before executing the first step of your PPC campaign, we will make sure that you will have a full understanding of your business goals and the hardest challenge that we are being paid to manage. Once your comprehension of these two aspects has been established, we will begin constructing a set of steps centering exclusively on achieving those goals and solving the main business problem. All these steps process will then result to a PPC program positioned for success, both now and for the long-term.

Contact us Today

The people at Silver Edge Media are obsessed with excellence and perfection. We don’t settle for less when it comes to providing results and outcomes to our clients. We look forward to 100% customer satisfaction. This is why we are always seeking to provide them with the best and the most realistic results. We will also give our utmost attention to detail, quality, and efficiency.

Our job features more than just simply tracking the progress of each task and coming up with an immediate action. Aside from ensuring that clients get what they paid for, we also make sure people who acquire our services will have the peace of mind they deserve. Overall, Silver Edge Media is aspiring to provide clients with everything that they want. We feature the most comprehensive services available, along with offering quality results and solutions. We ensure that PPC campaign will be beneficial and will have a long-term impact on their business.

We are looking forward to hearing from you. If you ever have any inquiries about our company, our website, and our other services that we offer, you can email us at

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