According to the Internet World Stats official website, internet traffic has seen consistent growth in the past three decades. Just last year (2017), the number of internet users rose up to 4.156 billion users, which is roughly 54.4% of the world’s entire population. This growth has seen a rapid increase and will only continue to grow in the coming year. Cisco has predicted that the world’s IP traffic will become three times its current size by 2019. In addition Wireless traffic is also making significant improvement as it has been predicted surpass wired traffic next year.

With the rapid growth in Internet traffic, businesses are compelled to choose the ideal internet service provider to stay relevant. Businesses nowadays, need to effectively reach their target audience online. The best ISP can provide the most reliable IP transit service and guarantee that you get the best internet experience. This article will explain the relevance of IP transit and how it can be used to expand a business.

Get To Know IP Transit

IP transit is a service that allows network traffic to  cross a small computer network, through an Internet service provider, and connect into the bigger Internet. It’s a method for you to connect with your customers and  for customers to access your services and applications via your website. states that majority of businesses nowadays are making use of the Internet in large part of their operations.

The internet has grown a large surge of IP traffic over the years and your competitors are also taking advantage of IP transit. Regardless of how your company uses the Internet, you will need to utilise IP transit to remain competitive and relevant, boost your online visibility and reach your target customers. Establish a reliable IP transit by hiring the right provider. Here are nine tips to help you out:

Establish an International Footprint – The ideal IP transit provider should have a well-established international internet footprint. IP transit services provides the boost in internet access that you need through establishing a network where your customers can connect directly to your website. Among the services of a reliable IP transit provider is establishing an International Footprint.

Establishing an international footprint is similar to gaining a strong online presence. To achieve this, your provider should have access to the following: exchange points, custom and private peering points, and full access to various content networks. Having a sturdy frame will ensure that your business will not encounter problems related to latency and periodic outages, among other issues. An international footprint via IP transit enables data to be sent and received faster compared to normal internet connections.

Determine IP Transit Ranking IP transit providers are ranked according to the uniqueness of their Autonomous System (AS) connections. AS connections are a set of networks, devices and routers controlled by a single entity, in this case, the single entity is your IP transit provider.

By checking the AS Ranking, users are given the chance to verify the validity and reliability of each IP transit provider they engage with. Earning a respectable score means that these providers connect to the right networks and deliver the data on a worldwide scale.

Data, whether simple emails or confidential customer bank details, pass through the internet via the bilateral interconnection agreements between different transit providers. These bilateral interconnection agreements are business contracts between Transit Providers that allow then to interconnect and exchange traffic.

Each Autonomous System must buy transit services for any traffic that passes through or is destined to other parts of the internet. For example, Transit Provider A located in Melbourne needs to send data to Tokyo. Transit Provider A must then form an interconnection agreement with a Transit provider located in Tokyo.

Your customer and data reach will be determined by how many interconnections your IP transit provider has. The more interconnections your Transit provider has, the higher is their AS Ranking.

Availability of a Jumbo Frame – According to Search Networking, a jumbo frame is a type of Ethernet frame that contains more than the standard 1,500 bytes worth of payload. Having a jumbo frame guarantees strong data speeds in different locations worldwide. Businesses that use big data, high-speed database, long-lasting and continuous data streaming, synchronisation, etc. will need jumbo frames to support their needs.

Specialised Routing Options – The ideal IP transit provider also provides specialised routing options to help pinpoint the fastest AS pathway. Your IP transit provider must have full access to options like border gateway protocol (BGP) as it will help your data travel much quicker by pointing out the fastest AS path. Specialised routine options include the following:

  • Autonomous system numbers & confederation members
  • Multicast scoping
  • Router identifiers
  • Routing table groups
  • Per packet load balancing


Pricing Options – The IP transit provider that you choose should offer various plans and packages for you to choose from. Every business have various IP transit needs. The provider that you choose must achieve your needs. They should provide flexibility in terms of growing and developing businesses. Good pricing is also vital. Businesses need to make sure they’re getting the right services for what they’ve paid. Get a provider that fulfils all of these conditions.

Airing Time  & Scalability – It’s important for an IP transit to be available as soon as possible. Get a provider that gives the green light for your IP transit to go live get the best results fast. Good IP transit providers usually go live in as fast as three days. They also offer expansion and allow your business to grow exponentially.

Connection & Speed Variety – A great choice for the ideal IP transit provider must also feature a strong core of circuits, exchange ports, and private peering connections. THey also need to have other offers such as a wide range of connectivity speeds. Good providers control and manage surging traffic effectively for the convenience of their clients.

Presence & Availability in Multiple Key Locations – The leading IP transit providers are always affiliated with major data centres with Points of Presence (PoP) across the entire world. This connection helps ensure the global access to your business.

Analytics Tools – Being able to monitor your network’s overall performance using specific tools is crucial. As what ITT Systems claim, the ideal IP transit provider will help you get familiar with all the different aspects of your current system. This would include information on path, routing, and connectivity from different access points.

Choose Wisely

A good ISP that offers solid IP transit services and checks all or majority of the aforementioned considerations mentioned above is the undisputed right provider for your needs. With a well-established IP transit, your business can get access to the internet at more efficient rates and offer the best online experience to your clients.

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