I bet if I tell you right now that content creation is a vital component of every marketing strategy, you’d roll your eyes and say “Oh, really? I did not know that. Thanks for the heads up.” in a really sarcastic tone.

We get it. All of you are aware by now how important content is to online marketing. However, despite the importance of content, it doesn’t seem like we are constantly in agreement on how much content we need, or how to create content really well enough to merit a consistent engagement from our audience.

How you’ll be addressing that thought might depend on your own content goals and your target audience. However, there’s a single rule of thumb that will always be the key towards a more engaged audience: consistency.

Why Audience Engagement Relies On Consistency

Being consistent can go a long way in connecting yourself with your target audience. Creating multiple pieces of content can help people understand a particular topic better, however, they won’t become helpful in terms of helping you hit your touch points between your brand and your audience. Also, they won’t be able to help you establish a meaningful relationship with your target audience. You not only need to be a skilled writer, but you also need to be a consistent content creator. It’s that simple, and it doesn’t have to be complicated.

However, what is a bit complicated is the task of breaking down the subtleties within your audience and your methods to consistently deliver content that meets the need of attracting people to your brand.

Picture it this way: Think of a famous actor/actress. This celebrity is probably among the cast of a few of your all-time favorite movies and is seen consistently delivering stunning performances. Because of this, that actor/actress becomes one of your favorites, and you might find yourself interested in the movies that they are starring on just because you’ve seen how well they perform and how you loved their performance on their previous projects.

See just how powerful consistency is in attracting people?

With engaging content and the right amount of consistency, you can get the opportunity of hitting touch points on your audience’s online journeys, establish firm connections with them, and position your brand to become the top-of-mind whenever they think about their most reliable and beloved source for amazingly good content.

If you are excited to make a change and get started on creating content consistently, here are five of the most essential tips that you should follow:

5 Tips On How to Create a Content Strategy That Works


1)  Have a Documented Content Marketing Strategy

According to Forbes, 90% of b2b companies are currently utilizing content marketing; however, only a measly 37% have considered putting together a documented content marketing strategy around their content’s creation and distribution lines.

Incorporating this kind of strategy in your content marketing is quite similar to you setting goals for yourself. You are more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down on a piece of paper and break them into actionable steps then deciding to do the action without even knowing what the outcome will be and just hoping for the best. The same method applies to your content creation — before starting any project; you need to think thoroughly and write down what you want to achieve and how you are going to reach it.

Speaking about the method of getting to your goal, this one is particularly important. You can have all the time in the world spent on documenting your strategy, however, if it isn’t made to produce consistent execution possible, it’s not going to help you as much. So what you need to do is to set goals; set up your promotion tactics, determine your audience personas, know what your content mix is going to be, and establish your overall mission.

Once you’ve managed to set your goals, you can then make them actionable by laying the foundation for your process that will make the consistent flow of your content simpler. This process will also be written down on your document.

2) Utilize A Knowledge Bank

Probably the most challenging part of content making is keeping track of all the loads of content you’ve made, along with organizing all the findings and insights you’ve managed to learn about your business, your industry, and of course, your customers.

Keeping track of everything is quite difficult, but that’s where the knowledge bank comes in handy. A knowledge bank enables you to organize and store important information about your company, your content, and everything about your customers. It makes it much easier to create multiple types of content that speak directly to what your audience wants and needs. What does this equate to? You guessed it: consistency. The smoother the process is for creating, looking, and organizing your content, the faster and more consistent you will become.

3) Create The Best Team

With a content strategy already in place and a leveraging system already in play, now’s the time to start creating some actual content. To make that happen, you will need a skilled team.

If you prefer working on your own, you could definitely write and promote your content all by yourself. However, it’s going to be quite difficult to scale them. I do not doubt your capabilities, but you are going to be busy with a lot of other tasks. So there will be possibilities where you’ll get overwhelmed by so many things to do that you will likely end up sacrificing either the quality or the consistency of your work – and trust me, we all hate sacrificing either both.

Consistency and quality can be achieved by you alone. However, if you are already working for a bulk of content projects, you really need a great content marketing team and a roster of writers to help you out.

Your team must be composed of a leader (that’s most likely going to be you), writers that will turn your ideas into a written piece, and other team members who can help strategize, publish, edit, and promote content. Also, making sure that every member of your team focuses mainly on their strengths will help your content shine. Having a team will soon find you publishing content more consistently than trying to do it all by yourself and failing miserably.

4) Get Used To Following Your Editorial Calendar

Want to be consistent and keep it that way? Then plan out your content by creating an editorial calendar. An editorial calendar, also known as content calendar work wonders and can do so much more. Other than just setting the schedule for your upcoming posts, an editorial calendar can also be where you can brainstorm ideas, plan out your social media strategy, and organize everything.

Having a content calendar can smoothen the entire process since everything is organized and are put together in one place. It even lets you to spot your gaps and excess content. Once you determine the right schedule for posting, you can get even more efficient, all while giving you some additional time to focus on content creation rather than content organization.

Having a content calendar can also help you keep track of your progress, as well as failures. Knowing this vital information will keep you aware of what you will be posting in the future.

For example, if you find out that your posted content at a particular time of the day outperformed the rest of your content published on other periods, you can instantly make changes accordingly so you won’t have to waste your time and effort posting on schedules with low rates. By doing so, you are consistently posting at the ideal time of the day and is maximizing your impact to full extent.

5) Give Distribution Some Much Needed Attention

Finally, each of the mentioned steps will definitely help you create content a lot more consistent than before. However, once you do get consistent, you just can’t stop from there. What you also need to do is to distribute and amplify your content on a regular basis. If you haven’t done so, then all you did was improve the production aspect and not your overall content marketing.

Don’t wait until an article gets published before you even start considering how you’ll be using it as a tool to reach out and connect with your target audience.

Having a content distribution strategy should also be one of your considerations. If you do happen to have one, it should have the same amount of priority as your content development process.

(Consistent) Content Is King

Content creation can become a headache, especially if you have no idea on where to start when it comes to developing or distributing your work. However, despite all the hardship that you’re definitely going to go through, keep in mind that it is still essential to the success of your company’s marketing strategy. What you want is to keep your audience engaged at all times, and to make that happen, having a consistent content is going to be key. With these five simple-to-follow tactics, your journey to consistency will become much clearer and easier.


How are you doing with your content marketing strategy? Is it going smoothly, or are you in need of some dashes of consistency? Share your experience with us now by sending us a message at contact@silveredgemediaservices.com.

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