Content-based Link Building

Link building has become a work of art, establishing itself as an important aspect of search engine optimization (SEO). Link building is the backbone for every SEO job, along with being the most crucial element in achieving success in SEO. Link building requires creativity, perseverance, and of course, a budget. The way you choose to build links will depend on your website and the content that it brings.

What is Content-Based Link Building?

Content-based link building is a process of optimization where it requires obtaining a collection of inbounding links from the different websites to the website of your business. Most search engines consider the procedures of link building when trying to analyze the relevance and the significance of content on the World Wide Web. Through acquiring links that are significant to the goods and services being offered by your business, it is possible to increase the importance of your website exponentially in major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

Why Choose Link Building?


For a higher SERP Ranking

All Internet marketing experts agree that through implementing the practice of link building, your site will be able to achieve a better SERP rank on leading search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! As a result, your website will be visible to a lot more users. Higher quality links will have a greater impact on your SERP; incoming links will also boost the performance of your website optimization efforts. Overall, link building will precisely affect the number of possible conversions you will potentially receive from your online marketing actions.


For Legitimacy

Digital marketing campaigns take a lot of work. Not only do you need compelling, thoughtful, and original content, you also need links from other sites to prove to the search engines that your website is worthy of being found and attracting visitors. Who gives you the links and why they give them to you are what matters when it comes to a content-based link building effort. For your site to rank well on the entire major search engines, you will need backlinks (links that, when clicked, lead back to your site).


To gain Conversions

Backlinks can more or less be considered as votes when it comes to search engine rankings. It has taken a long time for search engines to filter through all the millions of websites to provide relevant content to the users’ search queries. Landing on the number one spot isn’t as simple as paying a large sum of money to Google; most of the time the number one spot is given to the website with the highest quality backlinks. This is why web link building is crucial as it’s essentially a popularity contest. 

The content that goes onto your website matters; it needs to be more than just good, and it needs other sites to verify that it is legit by linking to your site. The more websites that link to your site the more reputable it is in the eyes of Google. The logic here is why would a website link to your website if the content wasn’t relevant to the users’ query? With all the recent and ever-changing algorithms updates and modifications in link acquisition, it is essential to hire a digital marketing company that is an expert in link building if you want to achieve the top results.

How Link Building Helps Establish a Website

A good Digital Marketing Agency knows that link building is one of the most important online marketing strategies to attract visitors to come and visit your site should be the core of any digital marketing campaign. Once you create a site with the keyword-rich content that you feel that visitors are looking for, link building becomes a necessity. It is the only way that other websites and users can find what goods and services your business has to offer. More than this, Google, Bing, and other search engines are known to show preference to websites with a high number of quality backlinks which count as “votes” from other sites.

Depending on the niche of your business, an internet marketing agency may need to obtain hundreds or thousands of links to make your website rise to the top of Google’s first page. This isn’t easy, as it takes time and hard work. But luckily, it is very doable. Most of your competitors have hundreds to thousands of backlinks that secure their top rankings on search engines. Silver Edge Media provides content-based link building services that can give you instant results and help your website keep up with the competition.

Features of Link Building

Acquiring the services of a digital marketing firm which utilizes the services of a link building expert will always be a lot more effective than purchasing link-building software to do the job. Our link building team produces backlinks manually which identifies the legitimacy of the links that are being used, which prevents the use of inferior links that can damage your ranking.

Our team of link building experts will focus on coming up with quality, relevant links that equate to the goods that your business offers. Search engines grant higher value to websites that boast greater value compared to sites that are spammy and unreliable.  That’s why having links that are not closely related to offering on your site or links from sites that aren’t legitimate can do damage to your position in search engine results. We keep you in the loop by providing status reports to inform you about the latest information and progress on the link building effort being made for your site. Most companies don’t provide actual reports of the services being provided; reports will also be generated to show you the results of a project and how it is progressing and to prove that the work is currently being done.

The Process of Link Building

Every single day that goes by, content-based link building is being used by internet marketing experts because of the effectiveness it brings to boosting a website’s search rankings on Google, Bing, and Yahoo! Silver Edge Media uses the latest techniques in incorporating content-based link building to your SEO and link building campaigns. When you acquire our services, we will inform you to submit your website URL, along with your keywords. If you don’t have keywords that you want your site to rank for, we will do keyword research for you.

After you order is placed, our highly-skilled content-based team of link builders will:

  • Check your requirements and your keywords that you want to be used on your website.
  • Do an audit on your website to help determine what its niche is, which is perhaps the most important step in content-based link building.
  • List sites from which you will acquire the best links. This list will include niche blogs, Web 2.0 websites, article websites, and more.
  • Focus on creating the best content possible for your website, creating original articles, each worth either 500 to 1000 words for niche blog submissions, Web 2.0 pages, and for other article sites.

All items must be checked for 100% originality and especially when written for your website.  You can be sure that you are getting the highest quality articles written by our team of expert and professional SEO writers. After all the content is created, they will submit to the respected websites with links to your site. This will be done manually in a highly efficient manner that is user-search-friendly.

With Silver Edge Media, you are in safe hands. Your website’s influence and reputation will be kept safe and on check, all year ’round. We will make sure that your website will be properly optimized, embedding two to three links for each article. You can also select any URL for link building; it can either be the home page or the inner pages for a deeper and much more complete link building. After all the articles are submitted, you will be provided with a very detailed report of what the SEO specialists have done.

What can Silver Edge Media do for You

We provide the services of link building experts that focus on finding the highest quality of backlinks. These links are directed to the main pages on your website to help influence the reputation of your website and your key pages within Google, Bing, and other search engines.

Not only do we establish which websites hold the most value to your digital marketing campaign, but we will also determine which page backlinks we should target and which links are the most relevant to your goods and services. Remember that a successful SEO link building campaign depends on the total number of links and the quality of each link.

We will create the perfect SEO link building strategy specific to your website, and what it needs. We will examine your niche, keywords, and what the competition is doing to determine the best strategy for your business. We know what you need, and we are aware of how to do it, we come equipped with the best tools, plan, strategies, templates, lists, etc. to get the results that your website needs to climb the ever-changing ranks of Google. Whatever you need, we can get it done. We will show you exactly why we are link building experts.

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