Our goal is to help you connect with your customers, to interact with them in a way that leaves better than we found them – more able to get where they’d like to go.

About the Company

Silver Edge Media is an Online Marketing Company that offers a wide range of online marketing strategies and other online services for any business in any industry. We are highly efficient, focusing on constructing fast and effective results for all the wants and needs of our clients. Our company features professional online workers who are highly skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced when it comes to online marketing services. We are committed to helping people achieve their goals through our comprehensive solutions.

Our commitment to excellence in every task is our driving force in ensuring our clients that we can and will get the job done as efficiently as we can. Nowadays, it’s hard to find a legit online services agency that devotes itself entirely to its clients in providing quality work. We want to be one of the exceptions to this belief, letting our outstanding performance speak for itself.

Meet the Team

  • Sarah
  • Dods
    Graphic Design
  • Sam
    Content Creation Specialist
  • Beth
    Content Creation Specialist
  • Ian
    SEO Specialist
  • Mel
    SEO Specialist
  • Jiepy
    SEO Specialist
  • Jerb
    Web Developer

Our Goal

Silver Edge Media is focused mainly on excellence and perfection. We don’t settle for less when it comes to providing results to our clients. Our digital marketing experts are always up for the challenge, ready to serve and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. This is why we are relentless in providing the best and the most realistic results possible, all while paying attention to detail, quality, and efficiency.

Our job features more than just simply tracking the progress of each task and coming up with an immediate action. Aside from ensuring that clients get what they paid for, we also make sure that people who will acquire our services will have the peace of mind that they deserve. Overall, Silver Edge Media is aspiring to provide clients with everything they want, featuring the most comprehensive services available, offering quality results and solutions that will be beneficial and will have a long-term impact on their business.

The Process to Success

Every service provided is going to be a long, hard process. This is what we want our clients to know and understand in every transaction. Every work takes time, but we assure that the outcome of each job will all be worth the wait. We are currently following a system that features a complete step-by-step process in all of the tasks that we do.

This is what we believe to be the basis for the road to a successful online marketing journey. Through this process, any online marketing effort will be profitable. We call this the 7 Steps to Online Marketing Success, as discussed below:

1st Step


Building a successful marketing campaign can be quite challenging and complicated, especially when having no information about the overall background of our clients. We want to make sure that we get the job done the way you want it, as well as the way that would make your online marketing efforts a success. That’s why we need your utmost collaboration.

Help us help you! Right at the beginning, we would highly recommend having timely consultations from you with regards to knowing and understanding your brand, your goals, and your business as a whole. Understanding fully on what you do and how you do it helps us make more educated decisions on whatever option we should be taking with your online marketing strategy.

2nd Step


the Industry

We consider understanding the client as an important and crucial period in having a great start towards achieving our goals. However, once we have gathered all the information we need, more work will now be placed on recognizing the actual industry that the client is trying to thrive. We will do this through a detailed investigation and analysis of the industry, and generate the most relevant strategy that we could come up with from the information gathered.

Our online marketing experts will be the ones tasked to acquire every single knowledge that is needed to be learned about the industry you are about to enter. This is to better understand its dynamics, along with realizing just how this industry conducts business between professionals and customers. Once the industry has been fully understood, we can now come up with better strategies that will be suitable for the industry that you are entering.

3rd Step

Competition Analysis

We believe that analyzing potential rivals will also be a significant advantage that we need to exploit to understand better the industry that your business is trying to enter. Anyone who is looking to market its business online will soon realize that it will have other competing companies that are also seeking to come on top of everyone. We want your business to rank high in the SERPS as much as possible, which is why we also need to study and analyze these competitions to come up with solutions on how to counter what they are doing with their online marketing strategies.

Gaining insights of just how these competitors are promoting themselves online can provide us with a much better strategy when going head-to-head with them in the online marketing field. Things like learning from their mistakes will also be crucial in ensuring that we would not replicate it on your business. All of this would allow us to better understand which path to take with your online marketing strategy and what other options we can use to better position your business for online success.

4th Step

Understanding Market Trends

Trends are ever changing directions that people are taking to be relevant in the society. Fully understanding what the current market trends will be vital to any online marketing strategy. To establish a business and to put it on the online map, it is important that we are aware of how time, seasons, and other factors can play a role in the decisions of potential buyers. Though we like to innovate to separate your business from others, we also make sure that our online marketing strategies will not drift away too much, ensuring that it will also move along with the business’s current marketing trend and not against it. This allows us to make ideal decisions at any given moment.

5th Step

Targeted Keyword


We fully understand that the proper use of keywords is going to be crucial in promoting a business online. This is why we also make sure that we utilize only the right keywords for our clients’ business and updating it from time to time to ensure its relevance. Through deep and thorough research, our team of SEO Specialists can carefully track and construct highly targeted keywords that will be significant to any online marketing strategy.

These chosen keywords are carefully selected according to their relevance, significance, and competitiveness. Among them, a focus keyword will be selected, along with supporting keywords. These keywords will then be spread throughout the entire business’s website, making sure that it will rank better in the SERPS.

6th Step

Online Marketing Strategy

Our team will always be working tirelessly in crafting the perfect online marketing strategy for your business. Various online marketing strategies are put into practice under the range of the entire marketing channels to produce only the most adequate results. Every process will be connected, from link building to SEO efforts, to social media marketing efforts. Every aspect of your online marketing campaign will be duly organized to affect all of your online marketing strategies.

7th Step

Lead Generation and Conversion

By now, our efforts will have already produced an effective online marketing strategy in place. The primary focus will now divert to generating leads and conversion optimization to help ensure that your business is getting all the attention it needs, through all the possible online marketing strategies necessary. We fully understand that the success of online marketing will also rely heavily on a healthy conversion rate, which is why we will do everything to make sure that you are achieving quantifiable results.

Our Services

Silver Edge Media is composed of online workers who are proud providers of results-focused online marketing services on a global scale. We are also connected to other online marketing experts and firms to help maximize the number of services we offer, as well as ensuring quality and high standards which are one of the key tenets when it comes to professionalism and integrity. We provide every kind of online marketing strategies, mainly featuring SEO, paid search marketingblogging, link building, online reputation management, and web developing services.

Silver Edge Media is a full-service online marketing agency offering a variety of highly effective marketing strategies that cater to any business. Our services utilize highly effective strategies, coming up with quality results for the purpose of helping our clients improve their businesses through effective lead conversion and providing other services.

Everyone deserves quality online marketing, which is why we are offering our fantastic services for every small or medium-scale business. We guarantee 100% satisfaction and peace-of-mind, ensuring that you can always count your online marketing aspirations to us.

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