Technology and the Internet have truly gone big by going small. Just when things couldn’t get any crazier, we now find ourselves locked in an era dominated by smartphones and mobile devices. Two years ago, Google reported that 52% of Internet traffic came from mobile devices, along with claiming that this number will only continue to grow. Their claim indeed came true, as two years later and we now see an increase in mobile Internet traffic by up to 75%. With this number only continuing to grow, it’s only right that we start paying attention to mobile web design optimization as it is no longer an option, but a necessity.


With that in the back of everyone’s mind, we can see a total change in the entire marketing landscape. Marketers are now putting more emphasis on mobile web design and responsiveness. With a mobile-friendly algorithm courtesy of Google, one would expect all sites to be mobile-optimized. However, it’s actually not the case. Almost half the population of active websites are currently not mobile-ready, despite the increasing number of mobile search traffic.


The Constant Growth of Mobile Web Development

The Internet is full of stats displaying the exponential growth of mobile internet usage. For business owners, the lingering issue is leaning towards knowing the significance of mobile for them. Again, knowing that at least 75% of smartphone owners are using their devices to browse the internet is crucial. It is valuable information that indicates the significance of mobile internet usage in today’s trends. With that in mind, we have to do something about it and use the popularity of mobile to our advantage.

Businesses, big or small, are always busy selling and promoting their offers. Everyone is busy these days that most don’t even have time to consider these statistics and understand its relevance. However, it’s still important for us to recognize the importance of mobile web design and development as it is going to be the Internet trend of today and possibly the future.


The Importance of Mobile Web Design

Knowing all of these statistics can be quite overwhelming to anyone. So to help figure it out, we squeezed the important ones into three key points to better understand the importance of mobile web design:


Mobile Web Design: Today & Tomorrow

First, we need to consider that no matter how you look at it, there’s no denying that smartphones are indeed dominating over desktop usage. There have been predictions before (in 2014) that smartphones and tablets are going to dominate the desktop. Fast forward to now, and we see that it is indeed the case. As of the moment, mobile internet media is currently at 51%, compared to desktop, which is at 49% usage rate. These numbers are according to the data by Mary Meeker’s yearly updates on the state of mobile.

So what does this mean for business owners like you? It only means your business will need its website (if you already have one) to look and function smoothly on a small screen. According to research and reviews website Clutch, 79% of small businesses already have a mobile-ready web site, while 75% (and counting) of smartphone and tablet users are using their devices for research and shopping activities.

These numbers only indicate that small businesses now recognize the importance of mobile web design in giving them a significant competitive advantage over their competitors that don’t have a website ready for mobile web users. Just how significant, you ask? According to professional website creator, AffordableWebDesign, 84% of these sites were able to document a noticeable increase in sales due to them being mobile-ready websites.


Mobile Web Users Have No Chill

Mobile web users are always quick with their searches and only spend a short moment on any website. This statement alone should be enough for you to act fast and get your mobile website up and running. Mobile device users are always in a hurry. Deciding on a product or service will only take them a few seconds on whether or not they will do business with a company. They will determine this on whether or not the website was easy to use.

Mobile web users hate non-mobile websites. The reasons include the following:

  • Hard to navigate
  • The Print is too small for reading
  • The information is not given clearly.

These complaints, when not given consideration, will result in a loss of potential customers and sales. According to digital marketing website, Smart Insights, 67% of Internet users claim that they would rather do business with a mobile-optimized site. On the other hand, 61% said they would quickly exit a website in a matter of seconds if they will not see what they were looking for immediately.

The importance of time is always on the minds of mobile internet users. When they are looking for something, they are expecting to see it right away. If your website isn’t ready for mobile, these mobile web users are always going to turn down your site and walk away. As a business owner, you don’t want that to happen. Acknowledge the importance of mobile web design and set up a mobile-ready website for easy navigation. If your users can quickly find what they want, they are surely going to engage and stay on your site longer.


Understanding The Current Generation

Right now, about half of the population in the U.S. alone are using smartphones for shopping and researching. With the numbers in the previous key points, the significance of mobile web design and development should be apparent to you by now. The current era features a culture of interactive marketing. The ideologies brought by the current generation dictate that to achieve success in your industry, understanding your customers should be your main priority.

Establishing a firm relationship is going to be critical to your success. Increase the number of touchpoints and make sure that you are actively interacting and pleasing your customers at all times. Always expect that majority of your customers are using tablets and mobile devices. Always have your mobile website active and ready for the convenience of your potential customers. This way, you will always provide them with what they are looking for.


Never Ignore the Impact of Mobile Web Design

Start making an effort on optimizing your website for mobile. Don’t wait and waste another minute on not having your website optimized for mobile. Your customers will start marching towards your competitors if you neglect the importance of not having a mobile web design.


Do you believe that mobile websites are the future of the Internet? Are you experiencing success with your mobile website? Share your comments and experiences with us now by sending us a message at


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