The industry of Artificial Intelligence is still in its very early stages. However, it’s already starting to take its effect in digital marketing, as well as making an impact in the transformation and evolution of various organizations. Right now, artificial intelligence is going through an experimental stage. Different companies and private organizations are attempting to analyze and understand the nature and tendencies of AI. Some AI experts even argue that ‘machine intelligence’ is a far more appropriate term for referring to artificial intelligence. Whenever people hear the term “artificial intelligence,” or “AI algorithms,” majority of them would link it to science fiction. But little does everyone know is that we are already using AI in our everyday activities, courtesy of Amazon, Google, Facebook, and the like.


The Significance of Understanding Context

When talking about data, size isn’t as important as context. In the very early days of the Internet, volume, velocity, and variety were the three factors that defined big data. If we look for an example of that concept in today’s situation, we can make use of high range images, emojis, texts, and speech. The popularity of these examples makes it a lot more important to have a full understanding on context.

An example of properly using context is the Twitter search for the term “smoking.” It has a total of four categories: smoking cigarettes, smoking ribs, smoking marijuana, and smoking hot women. We should also consider looking at big AI competitors like Microsoft’s Cortana and Google’s Assistant to help them overcome disambiguation and take the vagueness out of the data.

In addition to big players like the Google Assistant and Microsoft’s Cortana, we are more than likely going to see AI-created startups creeping up this year and the next years to come. As tracked by Venture Scanner, there are currently about 1,700 existing startups in the field of AI. Examples include a Chabot capable of ordering pizza or a tool that can anticipate the next action in sales processes. With these innovations coming into place, experts believe that in the future, AI is going to be purchased as a service.


The Impact of AI Algorithms

When managing and controlling AI, marketers should be extra careful as to avoid creating any bad experiences with its users. Take Facebook’s recent experiment with chatbots as an example. This proposed feature received a lot of hype and praise. But when people started using them, they turned out to be terrible and inconvenient. When programmed and developed well, chatbots can provide an experience through image and language recognition. They can also help in searching for new audiences and utilize predictive analytics to gather information during certain interactions.

Also, note that predictive sales capabilities are completely different in the current scenario. Algorithms can now independently update on its own, depending on what it will learn. When investigating the potential tendencies of artificial intelligence, marketers should look towards observing the leader in the AI industry, namely Adobe, Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft, etc. Favorite American food chains like Dominos and Taco Bell are also making use of bots, creating an excellent customer experience.


Why AI Companies Are Successful

Some companies deploying artificial intelligence are not even great innovators. However, what these companies have in common is a strong desire to boost and improve their customer experience. They are very much willing to make experiments on artificial intelligence as much as possible. The reason why these companies are successful is because they are valuing what they’ve learned. In the event of failure and collapse, these companies pick up the things they’ve learned and keep moving forward.


The Future Is Looking Bright for AI

After everything that’s been coming together in the past years, we really can’t help but be excited with the state of artificial intelligence. It has been predicted that in a span of ten years, the way people interact with technology will ultimately change. Right now, we are still in the early stages of AI. There is still so much more to learn and discover about chatbots, AI, where we are currently, and where all of this will be going in the next years to come. We will be keeping track of all the coming updates


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