YouTube was once the go-to site for anyone who intends to watch or upload videos and share them with the world. It was where people tend to watch and entertain themselves by looking at a video of a talking dog, or upload the video where they made their very first back flip. In a span of YouTube’s 12 years in existence, it has evolved from the simple avenue for video hosting and viewing, becoming a place for essentially everything video-related. From live streaming, vlogging, to watching music videos and the latest news, YouTube has indeed changed and has transitioned to something more than just simple video-sharing.


YouTube Prior To The Latest Update

However, though the service that YouTube offers has indeed maximized to a full extent, the app and website – on an operational and visual standpoint – has remained the same. Throughout the twelve years that YouTube has been up and running, it hasn’t really changed much regarding design and functionality. It has this cluttered and unaccommodating layout that shows too much navigation and not enough related videos to watch to keep the stimulation going. YouTube has been aware of this issue all this time, and now, it has made the necessary changes. Today, YouTube has is showing a total redesign on its platform that everyone will surely love.

Though not a total overhaul, it has some very noticeable changes that make it more noticeable, as well as easy for users to watch all the videos they want. Let’s also not forget to mention that YouTube has also redesigned its logo.  With these changes, YouTube now has a cleaner, simpler, and a lot more focused look on both the website and the app. In both platforms, YouTube seems to have considered the impact of videos in today’s digital trends and have now built an effective service around that concept.


The New YouTube Logo

Let’s first look at YouTube’s new logo: ever since its early days, YouTube has stayed loyal to its traditional logo, which features a black-colored ‘You’ and the white-colored ‘Tube’ enclosed in a rounded red rectangle. Now, the new logo features its most iconic red play button sitting next to the brand name, ‘YouTube.’

The Latest YouTube App Redesign

The new layout for mobile has removed the old red borders, and it now has cleaner white lines. This changes clears everything and makes thumbnails and videos the only thing that you will ever notice. Previously a feature exclusive only to the desktop version, you can now speed up or slow down videos and double-tap to rewind or fast forward. People who prefer watching a video vertically (I hope you’re not one of them) will be happy to know that YouTube will now properly show it.

To make vertical videos clearer and more defined, YouTube removed the letterboxes and bars. Even if the user chooses not to watch in fullscreen, the video will shift to fit whatever size and quality of the video you are watching, instead of the previous version that locks you into a 16:9 space. YouTube acknowledges people who make and watch lots and lots of videos. They also understand that people watch videos in different ways, which is why the new version is granting users as much control over their viewing options as possible.

The Latest YouTube Redesign for Website

YouTube’s latest redesign has been focusing more on the overall look than the experience. For the website version, you have two looks to choose from: you can now choose between a white display or a cinematic-themed dark layout. Each of these options also has their own unique and simplified typography. From our impression on YouTube’s new website look, the entire site seems to be a lot clearer than before. Overall, the new look is a nod to Google’s Material Design guidelines.


The Purpose of the Redesign

In addition, YouTube’s focus of the entire redesign is also about taking out your experience out on the UI. YouTube wants you to focus only on the video you’re watching – nothing more, nothing less.  The changes that YouTube has implemented on its new redesign seems like YouTube has a new direction, which is providing the convenience of maximum viewing pleasure. It gets all the complications out of the way, offers a more native feel to some kinds of videos, and even aids you in finding new videos to watch. Add the two new layout options, and you can now make any video more dramatic.


Feature Nuggets

These are our favorite features so far:

  • The Theater Mode button never really did much before, but now it has something great in store. The video fills the screen and will only leave the menu bar, and YouTube controls visible. Overall, this mode is convenient and genuinely useful.
  • Say goodbye to the “Load More” buttons! Available videos load automatically.
  • The Comment Section is also scrolling automatically.
  • Thumbnails can now be previewed just by pointing to it without clicking.
  • Does the white layout seem too blinding to you, especially when you’re watching videos at night or in the dark? The new Dark Theme will solve your problem!

To turn Dark Theme on, click on your profile avatar icon, located on the upper-right corner of the screen. Click “Dark Theme” and toggle the “Activate Dark Theme” on in the resulting panel.


YouTube’s Status Going Forward

Given the fact that everything about video changes at a constant rate, YouTube’s team needs to act fast in building new stuff for us users.  People nowadays are recording, streaming, uploading, sharing, watching, commenting and searching videos in new ways and at an aggressive rate. YouTube can only remain the biggest video-hosting platform so long as it can keep up with these changes. Ultimately, it’s quite challenging and complicated to redesign something big and popular, like YouTube. However, the largest video-sharing platform has done it and has even managed to pull it off. Kudos to the people behind YouTube; they adapted the changes necessary for it to thrive and stay popular for more years to come.


Are you excited with what’s in store for YouTube moving forward? Got any suggestions with how YouTube can improve even further? Share them with us now by sending us a message at

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