Social media is a constantly evolving field of marketing. The best social media marketing strategy is considered the best simply because of its fascinating features. The best marketing strategy for social media are the ones that can stand out from the crowd. Some even go the extreme and challenge the norm. Others suggest innovations and techniques for interacting with their customers. One thing leads to another, and the moment you know it, everyone has already figured out how to do the same thing.

It doesn’t always have to be that way. If you are fortunate enough to learn the core practices, you can integrate these techniques to any social trend. These trends can strike at any given moment. However, keep in mind that some trends will never go out-of-style, like authenticity and responsiveness.


Establishing A Better Social Media Marketing Campaign

Recent studies show that that six solid hours of dedicated social media management per week is equal to a 67% improvement in lead generation. This routine also adds a 61% chance of increasing in search engine rankings. That’s about a fifth less than the number of hours that full-time employees work. These are the same results that a lot of businesses and companies would want to hire to work for 15 hours a week, given that it will drive the exact same results.


Expand Your Efforts on Social Media

If you are looking to maximize and improve your social media marketing efforts, all while not wasting any valuable time energy, and resources, here are some statistics that you should consider:


80% of people (especially your target audience) will read your title; however, only 20% will read the entire content.

From that statement, we can imply that aside from considering the content itself, marketers have to produce  an eye-catching title. Your title serves a great deal of importance. It will be the primary determining factor for whether or not your readers will continue towards your content. For that reason, it makes absolute sense to make it as appealing and attractive as possible. Of course, your content should also back your title up. But by putting some extra effort into your title, you can significantly broaden and maximize your reach since it’s the first part of you content they are going to read.


43% of Internet users choose video content over text and anything else.

We can’t deny the impact of videos on today’s Internet. Videos are taking the internet by storm, and for that reason, you need to incorporate them into your marketing strategy. Unfortunately, most businesses, especially the small ones, are not considering this incredibly powerful outlet for conveying information. The most common misconception is that you’d have to be a video-maker to create relevant and compelling videos. That isn’t actually the case; you don’t have to be a videographer to make amazing videos. Come to think of it, making videos isn’t rocket science. As a matter of fact, one minute and 30 seconds are all you need. A minute and 30 seconds is the ideal time length for maximum video engagement on Facebook. Creating a 90-second video shouldn’t be that hard for you, right?


Consider Incorporating some relevant and attractive Supporting Visual Content.

Let’s be completely honest here — as much effort we put into writing the best and most information-driven content, the truth is, a text-exclusive content is just plain dull and boring. Readers are looking for information that your content has. However, without any stimulating elements, it may still not be noticed as much as content with supporting images. Despite the extreme amount of information, readers also want some visual stimulation to help attract them to your content. Adding images and even videos will definitely improve your content’s overall relevance. Still not convinced? According to the statistics, content with visual representations is shared roughly 40 times more than content with just plain text.


Utilize the Effectiveness of Infographics.

Infographics are one of the latest installments in content marketing. Infographics are images that combine both image and texts, granting you the advantage of both worlds all in one setting. We already know that people lean more on content with visual features. Infographics are the best to in keeping your readers wanting for more. To add to that, statistics also show that infographics are being shared four times more on social media sites than any other types of business-2-business content. Infographics can also improve cognition as the utilization of graphics enhances the ability to see patterns and trends. For these reasons, infographics are going to become competitive players that will challenge other forms of content in the future.


NEVER Use Click Bait Titles.

Finally, we have the use of scams and trickery to fool your target audience. This is an absolute no-no for anyone who is looking to thrive in social media marketing. Always remember the purpose of why you are making content in the first place: you want to help your target audience with their problem to gain their trust. With that in mind, using clickbait titles isn’t going to help your goal of establishing a firm relationship with readers. Avoid using click bait titles at all times. It’s not good and will cause detrimental results to you and your business. The last thing you want to do is to see your hard-earned reputation losing because of a false title. Be smart enough by not doing this to your business. It may attract people immediately, but as soon as they realize that your content isn’t in line with your title, they will immediately stop reading and regard your business as an irrelevant source of information.


Never Underestimate the Impact Of A Social Media Marketing Strategy

In today’s marketing trends, an effective social media marketing strategy is already considered a necessity. Because of that, we can never neglect the power and advantage of having one in our marketing campaign. Help yourself out! Get started and establish a formidable social media marketing campaign by considering these five statistics. With these tips, you can build your social media marketing campaign and watch as it rises above your competition.


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