Instagram is a fast growing social media network centered on sharing photos and experiences as its primary platform for engagement. The growth of Instagram has paved the way for more and more people appreciating the medium of photography. Similar to other social media sites, marketers can take advantage of Instagram for promotional purposes, through exploiting people’s love for photos. Keep in mind though that similar, again, to other social media sites, Instagram engagement depends on establishing a compelling profile.

Instagram’s platform is ideal for promotion, as marketers can advertise their products or services through sharing interesting and well-taken pictures. This would make Instagram another avenue for possible conversions and sales. But first, we need to get that user engagement that we need to make an influence and generate conversions.

For a quick head start, here are the simplest things you can do to boost your profile and generate Instagram engagement. This would be perfect for people who are just starting their Instagram marketing campaign or already established Instagram marketers.


Get more Instagram engagement with these Quick Tips:


Make your Account public

Unless you are someone who is using Instagram just to upload photos for them to see on their own, there is absolutely no point for you to have a private profile. You are looking to generate the most engagement as you can. Don’t limit the possibilities by turning your profile private. Make sure potential followers can find your profile and follow you right away. Make your profile public and keep it that way.

To turn your profile public, tap the “Settings” option, which has the gear icon located in the upper right corner. From there, you can then toggle the Private Account button option in “Off” mode.


Always enable Push Notifications

What people love in any social media platform are profile owners who can reply quickly to comments. With that in mind, you need to be able to respond to your followers as fast as you can. What better way can you do that than by enabling your push notifications? This will surely get your attention for whenever someone comments on your Instagram pictures. Keep in mind that the more interaction you have, the more your profile will appear on your follower’s Instagram feed.

To enable push notifications, tap the gear icon again, tap ‘push notifications’ and then select which action you want to be notified for.


Formulate an Excellent Content

The people on Instagram are similar to other people across social media platforms. There are not going to engage in a lame and boring content. Don’t put your Instagram marketing efforts to waste by posting bad and poorly generated pictures. Figure out which types of photos wok best for you, as well as considering the filters of these pictures. Make them as neat and uniform as possible. Remember, your followers like an interesting and beautiful profile that will drive their curiosities to the limit.

Also, keep in mind that proper management is essential. Manage the schedule for when you are going to post something, as well as the density of photos and videos that you share. Overall, what you are trying to do is to keep your Instagram Profile fresh and exciting all the time.


These are just three of the most basic tips that you can do to get your Instagram marketing campaign going. These might be considered as small details to a bigger picture, but the little things still count. Just do the little things and watch as your Instagram engagement skyrockets without you even noticing it.


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