Do you remember the time when your mother used to tell you to “always look your best?” How about the time when your teacher said that “first impression counts” during your mock job interview in college? Remember when your boss told you about “putting your best foot forward” when facing a potential client?

Whether you took these phrases seriously or not, all of them add up to what you are today. So, aside from the fact that these are life lessons that you need to always keep in mind, what are these phrases trying to tell us? If you are reading this, you are most likely someone who owns a website with a blog page. So, let’s not get carried away with our nostalgia. What I’m trying to say is that design does matter, and from the title above, I’m talking about your blog page design.


Your Blog Says A Lot About You

Your blog and everything inside it has something to say about you and your brand. It’s actually the most powerful branding tool that you can use to promote yourself or your business. Most of the time, whether you are writing about yourself or anything related to your business, your blog page says a ton about you, your passion, and of course, what your opinions are and what you believe. This means whatever you write in your blog posts should leave a mark to anyone who reads them.

The same goes for the visual aspect. What I’m saying is, as much emphasis as we put on our blog content, it really wouldn’t matter that much if people would just leave because your Blog Page design looks bad and unattractive. We all don’t want this to happen, right? So we should make an effort in making our blog page as presentable as possible. In the magical world of blogging, content will always be the king since it’s the one that’s getting all the attention. The design, on the other hand, serves as the court jester. As we all know, the court jester is the one that keeps things together, as well as the one entertaining and attracting people


First Impressions Count. Period

Stop fooling yourself into believing that content is the only thing that matters most. It maybe tru, however, without a stimulating design to come with your interesting posts, all will amount to nothing with regards to attracting potential readers. You might call me overreacting, but blog page design does matter, and it will play a significant role in persuading people into reading your blog posts. What I’m saying is, the better blog design you have, the better chances you will have at earning a positive first impression. There’s really nothing to lose if you give some attention towards it, and if it results in people reading further and gets sold on your content, then all your efforts are worthwhile.


Do Not Take Design For Granted

The layout design for a blog page gets overlooked most of the time. We commonly do not prioritize it as much and will only push it to the very bottom of the priorities list. The biggest reason for this is because, for one, it is rather easy to design a basic blog page. offers a multitude of themes that you can use instantly. With minimal modifications, you can setup a blog without much hassle. This is a great feature since it offers anyone — with or without experience —  the chance to personalize their blog and express themselves in their own unique way. If you want to take your blog page to the next level, you need to start thinking about the design of your blog.


Our Blog Page

Let’s use our Blog Page to discuss further why having a great blog page design is essential. Again, it is vital that we give a lasting first impression to our readers, which is why having a blog post layout — that not only says a lot about us but also relates to anyone — is very much essential. We integrated a rather simple blog design since our intentions are clear and pure, which is very much visible to anyone who visits our blog page. Though personalizing your blog page is a great way for people to know you better, it also pays to also think about your readers and what they would like to see whenever they open your blog page.


We also make an emphasis on creating amazing featured images on each of our blog posts. We make sure that these images will also provide a positive first impression that will stimulate interest and curiosity to our readers. Going back to our blog page, we really didn’t do too much with regards to design as we are looking towards a rather minimalist approach in attracting people to read out posts. But again, it still says a lot about our company and us. We are also open to some feedbacks about our design, so if you have some, feel free to contact us. For now, we are very much contented and happy with our blog page design and are looking for people who will challenge us on our belief.


It’s Never Too Late To Change

Another beauty about blogging is the fact that you can always switch things up. Change your design from time to time if you feel like it’s not getting the attention it deserves. Keep experimenting and see what’s working for you and what’s not. From there you can do your assessment and make the necessary changes. You can start by mixing and matching the colors in the theme, or you can move things around in a sidebar, and eventually get into some more advanced changes.

If you’re not familiar with blog design, you can hire a blog designer instead and have them do the work for your convenience. To wrap things up, let me end this discussion by telling you that your blog page design should be as important to you as making amazing content. It can even reflect more than what you realize and how you will be noticed and appreciated by others. So whatever you do, you should always look to put your best foot forward.

In the future, we will be posting a new blog that will give samples of some of the best blog page designs that we’ve seen so far.


Do you think your blog page design is already worthy of praise? Or are you looking to bolster your blog page by presenting the most amazing design? We can help you. Reach us out at

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