A majority of business owners and online marketers alike are very much concerned about the importance of having a solid search engine optimization campaign and inbound lead generation campaign. With the influence of search engines, most of us would tend to feel that SEO is a core part of establishing a lasting online presence. For that reason, most of us are obsessed with coming up with the most appropriate titles, incorporating the most relevant keywords, and looking for the best internal links used in their blog post articles. We have been so engrossed with these SEO components that we fail to consider another critical conversion element that will immediately draw people’s attention and set the mood for the entire post: the blog featured image.

You can argue that the image you feature on each of your blog posts does isn’t as important as the content itself. However, we beg to differ from this belief, at least for a particular part. Sure, your content does matter since it’s what people come for in the first place. But have you ever considered what made them to click and read your post? Maybe you have a catchy post title or an attractive blog post design – these can be possible factors. But do you know what ultimately attracts them and generate their interest to view your post? The post’s featured image. Any way you look at it, the featured image is the first part – other than the title – that people see when they come across your post. Since people are growing more and more reliant to visuals than on written text, it pays to have an ideal picture to feature on your post. This makes your featured image an SEO component that you wouldn’t want to overlook.

So, how can you look or come up with an ideal image for your blog posts? Here are six tips for choosing and selecting blog images:

1) Write Your Post While Visualizing It In Your Head

One of the hardest tasks for amateur blog writers is looking for the ideal image to pair with their finished blog post. This is completely normal, yet to get to the next level, you need do something to help you get used to finding the best images without having to spend a significant amount of time. Here’s a great tip that we can share with you:

Again, most people tend to look for their featured image right after they finish writing their blog post. If you are finding it hard to pair images with your finished blog posts, why don’t you try searching for images earlier in the blogging process? As you start to conceptualize what your blog post is all about and how you will be delivering the information that it contains, also thinks how you can visually present all of these ideas on each component of your blog post. While you’re doing this, the best visual representation will suddenly show up, making it easier for you to keep in writing. In the end, you will be able to save time, while still coming up with the most ideal featured image for your blog.

2) Make Use Of Bright Colors

With the constant evolution of technology, we humans have changed our way of thinking to favor the trends of today. We are no longer attracted to anything mainstream. Instead, we opt for the not-so-common. We have grown to develop an interest in the symmetries of the human face, unusual shapes, and a fascination for bright colors. This doesn’t come as a surprise, as we tend to notice bright colors more than dark ones due to its striking features. Bright colors emit a strong, positive feeling that will almost always attract any person.  Imagine walking around the streets and almost instantly noticing the guy wearing a neon green shirt as opposed to the one dressed in a plain black shirt. That also applies to choosing the best image for your blogs. If you incorporate a bright-colored image on your post, you are most certainly going to attract people all the time.

3) Spend On Images For Sale

So you might notice that I just used a stock image (right). Before you start reacting, hear me out. As you are looking for the best pictures on the internet, you should also consider that – if you do find something that is perfect for your blog post – a lot of people are going to or have already used them on their posts. In other words, choosing that image might not help in setting yourself apart from other bloggers and marketers out there who are also looking for some attention from readers. To separate yourself from the pack, you have two options. You can either, one, create your own unique image, or two, buy that perfect image. If you are not good with drawing, then the latter option is your best bet, which is not that bad of an option to tell you the truth.

What we’re saying is you need to do a bit of spending on stock images. These images are copyrighted and will only be available if you pay a certain fee. Think about it; since these images are for sale, most of the time they cannot be found anywhere and are exclusive to you if you chose to use it and pay the owner of the image. This breaks the barrier of you and all other bloggers out there. By selecting to spend, you are presenting a unique visual stimulating image that is exclusive to your post only. Think of the perfect image as the perfect clothing accessory – though it’s worth an amount of money, it can pay for itself by making you a lot more attractive, as well as bringing a lot of different elements and pieces together.

4) Keep Things Clean and Honest

Bear in mind that when it comes to blogging, you have three primary objectives: view, comment, and share.

Ideally, the first thing you need to achieve is your readers viewing and reading your blog post. However, most bloggers and marketers are already satisfied with that achievement. Once people manage to view your post, you should also make sure that they will also post a comment and share them for others to see. That’s the ultimate goal.

Your featured image will play a factor here, which is why it needs to look perfect. If your associated image looks a bit inappropriate or bawdy, they are much less likely to share it with others. That’s the reason why you should not put too much pressure on coming up with the wittiest or the most clever-looking featured image you can think of. When in doubt, just focus on keeping things simple for you and your readers. Having an identifiable image is better and will get you more activities after you’ve posted your content better than having an image filled with too many elements.

5.) Come Up With Your Own Unique Image

Although looking for or buying the most appropriate image online is great, no rule states you to do these things to come up with some really amazing visuals for your blog post. You can actually create your own image, which is a lot more powerful if you’re really serious about being unique and different from others. You can make use of this approach in several ways:

  • Hire a photographer to shoot and make pictures for you, or you can shoot ideal pictures of your own.
  • Draw the image that you have been visualizing since you started making your blog post. There are many available drawing tools online: you can use Sketchpad, DoodleToo, and FlockDraw just to name a few.
  • Look for images online and altering them by using image tools like Photoshop to make them different and unique for your blog post.

Creating your own image is the best way to get custom pictures that will not be available anywhere else than your blog post.

6) Don’t Forget To Add Titles and Alt Tags

It’s pretty evident that as marketers, you want to squeeze out every available advantage when it comes to search engine visibility. Optimizing your blog post also includes optimizing your images for search. What you want is to make it easier for Google to understand your visuals by giving them titles and “alt” tags that make use of relevant search phrases. These small details will make it more likely for readers to find your content and the amazing featured images that you’ve used for it.

Your Featured Image Matters More Than What You Think

By making use of the perfect featured image, it can complement your entire written content, helps your article stand out from other related blog posts, and overall sets the tone for the ideas that you have gathered for your readers to relish. All of this will add up to an increase in clicks, reader engagement, and page views. Let’s end this discussion by agreeing in not overlooking the influence and power of incorporating the best-featured image for your blog posts. It can indeed make a whole world of difference.


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