The field of web design is an ever-evolving landscape. Trends are always changing, and web designers need to be aware of this phenomenon for their work to be relevant and up-to-date at all times. Web design trends have quite a fluctuating and unpredictable nature. For instance, a piece of website design that looked fresh from yesterday can appear outdated in just overnight. To put it simply, trends of the past can surprisingly cycle back into relevance.

For Web designers, trends in web design are the most crucial factor that they always need to keep in check. Just like a Fashionista who is always up-to-date with the latest clothing, a good web designer is always aware of what the current popular website design trends are. Good web designers are also great innovators. Instead of keeping track of the latest web design trends, some create their very own masterpiece. However, if you are not as creative as others, you truly need to pay attention to what is hot and what is not.

This year is no different, with a lot of new and familiar styles currently dominating the web design trend. Right now, it’s safe to say that web design is always changing and that their trends just keep on coming and surprising people. As a web designer, it is essential for you to be knowledgeable about the current trends of this year’s web designs. For a heads up, here is a list of twelve trends that you should keep close attention to in 2017. With these web designs, you will be certain that your web design game for 2017 will be accurate and up-to-date.


Bold-Style Typography

This year, a lot of companies are noticeably using big and bold typography. This style is most common on most website headlines spearheading their homepages. Though it has been popular ever since, this style is still very much relevant this year. It helps in establishing an emphasis on a key text, especially on pages that are minimal and have less clutter. The homepage of the French agency, Big Youth, is a good example.



Cinemagraphs has been a consistent web design trend ever since 2011, and every year it has grown in popularity even more. Today, Cinemagraphs have become one of the hottest website design trends. Cinemagraphs are high-quality GIFs that runs through a smooth, infinite loop. Its features of incorporating movement on a still picture have become popular regarding adding some life to an otherwise motionless page. Full-screen Cinemagraphs like this brilliant one from the website of Danish agency CP+B Copenhagen will surely catch anyone’s attention.


Experimental Compositions

As said earlier, some web designers like to innovate and create their own masterpieces. There’s a vast horizon of designs and layouts out there, and for you to stand out, you need to be unique on your own. Being broad and diverse can be good, as it can attract people and get them to appreciate your own work. Here is an example of a web design that features a mix of overlapping images made by Designer Will Geddes.



Gradients were popular layout designs for PowerPoint presentations in the early 2000’s. Today, these colorful designs have returned in a huge way. It has transitioned from becoming amazing background designs for Facebook statuses to being used for website layouts. Bright gradients have indeed made its way back into the design trends this year. Zurich-based agency Y7K illustrates is an excellent example, featuring the use of this two-toned design on their entire homepage.


Intense Layers of Vivid Color

Stunning layers of colors that stack up have also become relevant in today’s trend. The stack of colors adds a certain depth of playful textures to any plain and straightforward website layout. As seen in the example above, the São Paulo-based website, Melissa Meio-Fio, features a beautifully-made web design. 


Plain & Simple Text

If you want it simple, you might be thrilled to know that simple group of texts is also trendy this year. Some firms like to keep it simple and easy for their visitors to navigate through their site. In the example above, Danish agency B14 is disregarding images and other sections altogether. They are just counting on a few number of choice lines of simple text to inform potential customers of their company.

The website for Danish agency B14 utilizes their homepage to convey their mission and offer links to samples of their work. Overall, using a plain and simple website design composing of texts promotes a contemporary, uncluttered approach in showing information.



Most companies are aware that people are more likely going to engage in something if it features illustrations. Illustrations serve as a magnet that will pull in potential customers to a website. With that being the case, companies are hiring graphic artists and illustrators to manage the illustrations on their websites. Incorporating illustrations to a website will add a little bit of personality to it. Having your own touch will appeal more towards people getting curious about what your company will offer. NewActon, is a perfect sample website that uses this medium.



This is simply taking regular minimalism to a whole new level of minimalism. Some minimalist designers break the rules of what a typical website should look like, by showing only the ‘bare necessities.’ The social profile made by designer Mathieu Boulet, centers on only a few choices of links leading to his profile.



From being a popular image filter back in the day, Duotone is now a trendy modern-day web design. Its relaxingly contemporary look and feel are just some of the reasons web designers are starting to incorporate this two-tone layout. Take the website for Australian Design Radio as a good example.


Geometric Shapes & Patterns

This year, odd and comical shapes and patterns are also getting the attention of websites more frequently than before. Having distorted shapes adds depth and kick to an otherwise flat and dull website landscape. A good example that uses this style is on their homepage design is Canadian design studio MSDS.


A Mix of Horizontal & Vertical Text

This year, people are developing an attraction for texts and images with unusual alignments. Liberating text from the traditional horizontal alignment and positioning it on a vertical angle adds new dimensions to a page. This example made by director Matt Porterfield combines both vertical and horizontal text alignments on his page. It adds a fun and fresh style that plays with how people will read the message.


Overlapping Images & Texts

This layout concept has been popular among blog sites and portfolios. This features texts that are slightly overlapping on images. This effect creates a ‘oneness’ in both the message coming from the text and the image. Freelance graphics designer and web developer Thibault Pailloux’s design shows emphasis of his overlapping text, along with colorful underlines on each title.


Always Be Aware of What is Fresh

Remember, just because it looks good doesn’t mean it’s relevant and attractive. A good web designer always keeps this in mind and is always up-to-date with the latest trends. This list of the trendiest web designs this year will ensure that your work will be relevant all year ‘round. You can always choose the most appropriate one, or mix and match two or several ones to make a more attractive web design. Either way, always remember to be creative and have fun in what you are doing.


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